Connect to your inner wisdom

These are some books on women’s health which I found useful. I always rent them from a public library. I have found that I only read the books I rent. If I buy, it just sits there. Find what works for you.

  1. The Yoga Birth Method – Dorothy Guerra
  2. Preparing for Birth with Yoga – Janet Balaskas
  3. Birthing from Within – Pam England
  4. Vaccine friendly plan – Dr. Paul Thomas. Outlines a safer way to vaccinate our children
  5. Healing our children – Dr. Ramiel Nagel
  6. Luna yoga – Adelheid Ohlig
  7. Wise woman herbal for the childbearing year – Susan Weed – currently reading
  8. Conscious conception – Jeanine Parvati Baker. I found this book non-secular and wordy. I did get something from this book.
  9. Orgasmic birth by Deborah Pascali-Bonaro – currently reading