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Yoga Therapy

I was dispassionate and unhappy at a corporate job for years. Began practicing yoga for maintaining my physical health. When I became more regular with my yoga practice, I started becoming more aware of my discomfort at my job. The more I practiced, the more urgent the problem became until I decided to quit my job. I felt a huge relief after I quit my job and my BP which had been bordering hypertension came back to normal. I realized that it was my regular yoga practice that increased my self-awareness and my ability to listen to my inner wisdom. With increased curiosity about the mind-body connection, I studied to become a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist (PYRT). As a PRYT practitioner, I facilitate my clients to connect with their true self to better handle their life situations. Engaging in the process which I facilitate for my clients has helped me handle my personal grief with grace. Check out my flyer and contact me if interested.



I have been trying to connect to my root. I have also been on a health quest for a few years. My passion towards the environment, my urge to understand my cultural beliefs and my interest in healthy lifestyle all meet at Ayurveda. Ayurveda is ancient Indian health science. My interest in it peaked when I found out that the rules (mainly eating) I grew up with were based on Ayurveda. I termed this as health because the blogs I post on this topic are not only from Ayurvedic guidelines but also from latest research articles I read in the health community. I am Himalayan Institute certified Ayurvedic yoga specialist. I give consultations to help people manage some physical, mental and spiritual blockages through diet, yoga and lifestyle recommendations. Check out my flyer for more information.


I teach Hatha and Yin yoga. Having born and raised in south India, I grew up with familiarity in yoga. I have been a yoga practitioner for 13+ years. I am a 500hr certified yoga instructor. I lead classes in a way to awaken non-judgemental self-awareness in my students. I have a keen interest in understanding the yogic philosophy and sharing that knowledge with my students. I teach group classes at White Swan Yoga and Zoo health club. Contact me for private yoga and corporate yoga classes.  Click here for my yoga blogs.


I have been driving towards a zero waste lifestyle for over eight years. I am at a point where I have optimized my life and want to motivate others to make similar changes. These are incremental changes and were so easy to incorporate. Check out my blogs to start doing your part. With my knowledge and passion in this area, I can help anybody who wants to turn their home or business more earth-friendly. I also offer fossil-fuel free divestment investment consulting. These consultations are donation based. Contact me if you are interested in these services.