Connect to your inner wisdom

Eco blog – I have been leading a zero waste, low carbon footprint lifestyle. I have been making micro adjustments in my life to get here and to grow from here. I have made several changes to the way I spend and save money. I have also explored divestment and reinvestment options. In Eco blog , I will be sharing all the ways in which I have reduced my carbon footprint. Hope you get inspired to do the same.

Yoga blog – I am Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and 500hr certified Therapeutic yoga teacher. I started practicing yoga in the classroom setting in 2005. After getting my 200 hr training at Kripalu, I have been reading yogic philosophy to deepen my knowledge. I will be sharing my yoga teaching and learning experiences here. I plan to teach in and around Tewksbury, MA. Please write to me if you want me to teach you or your community.

Health blog – I have created this category to share information I have learnt about nutrition and health. I have a keen interest in learning ayurvedic guidelines for healthy living.  I read blogs by Wellness Mama, Christa Orecchio; books by Josh Axe, Ramiel Nagel and magazine from my local organic store. I also listen to podcasts by Wellness Mama. The blogs I write in this category are based on what I have learnt from all these sources.