Connect to your inner wisdom

Why I offer yoga therapy?

I was dispassionate and unhappy at a corporate job for years. Began practicing yoga for maintaining my physical health. When I became more regular with my yoga practice, I started becoming more aware of my discomfort at my job. The more I practiced, the more urgent the problem became until I decided to quit my job. I felt a huge relief after I quit my job and my BP which had been bordering hypertension came back to normal. I realized that it was my regular yoga practice that increased my self-awareness and my ability to listen to my inner wisdom. With increased curiosity about the mind-body connection, I studied to become a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist (PYRT). As a PRYT practitioner, I facilitate my clients to connect with their true self to better handle their life situations. Engaging in the process which I facilitate for my clients has helped me handle my personal grief with grace.

What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT)? 

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a unique yoga-based body-mind healing practice that combines gentle, assisted yoga postures with dialogue to facilitate self-discovery and exploration of the relationship between your body, your mind, and your life.

PRYT is based on the belief that we often hold in our bodies unresolved emotional, mental and physical experiences which can influence our beliefs and our behaviors. Sessions use supported yoga poses to enhance awareness, release old emotional, mental, and/or physical patterns and access the body’s wisdom. Each session integrates the yoga experience into daily life.


Benefits of a PRYT session may include:

  •  Enhanced body awareness
  •  A sense of relaxation and well-being
  •  Greater emotional and mental clarity
  •  A new direction in an area of one’s life

Why would you want a Therapy session?

Anyone can benefit from PRYT sessions given that the client is open to engaging a “process” rather than receiving a “fix”. Some of the conditions the therapy may help with:

  • grief recovery
  • trauma recovery
  • prenatal/postnatal wellness
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • low energy
  • unmanageable stress
  • aging
  • negative body image
  • unspecified pain
  • a desire for self-understanding
  • loss of spiritual connection in daily life.

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  • Advanced Health Massage & Yoga, Billerica, MA 
  • Oak Physical Therapy in Amherst, NH 
  • White Swan Yoga Studio in Manchester, NH 
  • or at your home

Fee: $90/session and $65/session for senior citizens over 65

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Current promotions 

  • Recommend a friend and get 20% off of your session after your friend takes their first session.
  • Buy three sessions for 10% discount
  • Offering 3-4 pregnant women two sessions for one price on first come basis. Read more