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Krishna comes back

Some of you may know already the loss I incurred early this year. My first baby died during the last few minutes of his quick, natural labor at 43 weeks. He was beautiful, peaceful and has given me a lot. His perfect form, the abundance of love we received and the name we had for him, Krishna (god of love and compassion) confirmed to me that he is indeed a liberated soul.

A non-profit organization called Molly bears makes weighted (to baby’s weight) bears for still parents like us. Krishna was 7lbs and 11.5oz. When they were getting ready to make Krishna the bear, they asked if I had any special requests. Being an environmentalist, I asked them if they can use organic cotton or recycled polyester to make my bear eco-friendly. They researched vendors and got back to me that they can make Krishna with an organic cotton skin, stuff him with locally grown cotton sherpa and embroider or stitch in wooden eyes, nose, and mouth. They even offered me a choice of colors for Krishna’s skin. I said white because my Krishna was fair complexioned.

When I made this request, I remembered Krishna’s teaching to Karna in Mahabharata. Karna is an archer with natural talent but does not get the recognition he deserves as his foster parents are of charioteer class and his high archer skills are in those of royal class. The unethical Duryodhana, recognizing his talents befriends him by giving him a kingdom. Karna becomes loyal to his friend Duryodhana. In the war of Mahabharata, Pandavas’ kill Duryodhana’s supports one by one and when Arjuna is fighting Karna, Karna is about to lose, Karna questions Krishna does he deserve this? “Haven’t I been philanthropic, I just want the world to recognize my skills”. Krishna says, “Yes, it was not good the way you were treated. But instead of siding with the unethical friend, you could have strived to fight for recognition for others like you around the world who have skills but are not given opportunities”. This teaching stays with me. Essentially, it’s not just enough if I get eco-friendly products/custom bears but I should advocate for others after me to have this option.

With this in mind, I requested Molly bears to have this option available for future still parents. It does take them longer and it’s more expensive for them to make it. But this option is available if one is willing to pay more to have clean materials represent their loved angel and be kinder to the environment.

My Krishna came back as a polar bear today!

Thank you Molly bear!

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  1. Judy Morrison

    This is beautiful Swetha – I am sure it means a lot to you. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Holly

    Thank you for sharing this❤

  3. MaryJane

    He’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing Krishna’s story!


    Wonderful share. Sorry for your loss.

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