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Oil pulling

I heard about oil pulling in 2013 at a vegan meetup in Dallas, Tx. There is a big vegan community in Texas. It was a wonderful get together where I met this girl who was talking about her practice of swishing coconut oil in her mouth and she didn’t have to go to the dentist anymore. I was hooked to this information. A few days later when I went to a yoga retreat, I mentioned this to my friend and she told me that it’s called oil pulling. I then got home, googled it and have been doing it since. In the last three years, I didn’t have to see my dentist.

Oil pulling is an ayurvedic cleansing routine which when done daily improves oral hygiene and overall health. This is done by swishing around a tablespoon of sesame oil for few minutes, pulling the oil through the teeth, spitting  it out and rinsing your mouth. My understanding on how it works is that since the oil is very sticky, it becomes this medium that attracts all the food particles and toxins in the mouth. In addition to removing unwanted substances in the mouth, it also attracts toxins from your body through the mucous membrane in the mouth.

It is suggested that you do it for 15-20mins. But if you don’t have time, even doing it daily for one minute is beneficial. Do it for any amount of mins you can afford. I do it for 20mins as I prepare my breakfast. It’s one of the healthy habits which when integrated into your daily routine is touted to bring radical change in body, mind, and consciousness. Daniel Nagel also recommends doing to prevent and cure tooth decay. It is even better if you able to do it twice daily. Spit the used oil in the sink or directly on the ground because nature can efficiently deal with the toxins. Use organic cold-pressed sesame oil to avoid toxins from low-quality oils. To learn more about the method, its benefits, and demo, check out

I have heard that in India, single use disposable sachets are sold for this purpose. Please don’t do it that way. Think about the plastic waste you would create by doing that. My thought on this is that we are all connected to nature, by hurting nature, we hurt ourselves.

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