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Reduce methane at home

Did you know that organics in the landfill is a major source of methane generation? Don’t take my word for it. Check the facts at cool2012 campaign.Organics like food, paper products, and yard trimmings when dumped in landfill get decomposed anaerobically due to lack of oxygen. This improper decomposition produces a lot of methane, one of the greenhouse gasses responsible for Global warming.

Each year we fret so much in the summer and wonder if it is Global warming. Of course, it is. Stop fretting and start helping. There is a lot of guidance at HowtoCompost . My friends in India can find a composter here.

I have been composting my food waste for over six years. I started with indoor composter, then taking my compost to community gardens near me and currently I take it to my organic food store which has a compost bin. Taking it to community garden was my favorite. I got a used paint box from a recycler to collect the compost. My roommate was so hooked to the system that she asked that I leave it behind for her to use.

If you have a yard, you can choose among worm composter, tumble composter, composter bins or a compost pile. I have heard that tumble composter is very easy to use.

So, what’s your composter?

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  1. Thomas Wikman

    Interesting. They have been doing this for years as part of the community service in Northern Sweden.

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