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      I found this great organization called Calvert foundation which provides a way for us to fund the causes we care about in the form of small investments as low as $20. Check it out: Calvert Impact Capital. You get 1% interest on investment notes for 1 year! It’s like a Certified Deposit and you get to choose your cause. There are plenty of choices to choose from: affordable housing, environment, global good, health, microfinance, education, microfinance, fair trade and small business.
      Instead of saving your money in a megabank and getting 0.05%, you can choose to invest in microfinance. There are more than hundred different choices to make an impact with your investment. So, pick an investment that resonates with you. Remember that you are supporting a good cause and are making money at the same time! I was particularly drawn to this since I am able to make direct investments for sustainable development in India.
     The money you invest is not federally insured but that doesn’t mean it’s riskier than any other kind of investment like stocks or real-estate. It’s a risk worth taking to support what you believe in.


  1. Brett Cease

    Thanks Swetha for this helpful and wonderful alignment of values and investments my friend!

  2. Thomas Wikman

    What Brett said

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